Italian Large Leaf Basil

Basil, Italian Large Leaf (47 days)

Large leaf is a Genovese-type basil that grows 18 to 24 inches high and 2′ wide.  Giant shiny green leaves full of heady aroma that just make your mouth water.  This is a favorite of many gardeners because when cooking you need only a few leaves to add that distinctively yummy flavor to your dish.  For the same reason it makes loads of basil pesto with just a few plants.

TIP:  With any basil, to keep the leaves coming pinch back the blooms to create a more bushy plant loaded with leaves.  You will notice when you pinch one flowering bud, two branches will come back in its place.  My grandmother taught me to do this with tomatoes to keep them from getting leggy and to increase branches. More branches more tomatoes!

Seed Planting Depth Seeds per gram Germination Temperature Days to Germination Row Spacing Plant Spacing 100′ Row Yield Sun
1/4″ 70-85 6-9 48″ 12-24″ 40 lb Full

Planting Tips:

Start indoors in sterile potting mix keeping temperature above 70 degrees. Once first true leaves appear, transplant into 4″ pots until hardened off for the garden in early summer. Pinch off flower tops for a continual harvest.

(source: Sustainable Seed Company)


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