Honey Rock Organic Melon

Cucumis melo
Organic Honey Rock Melon Seed (80 days)

(Was originally known as “Sugar Rock”)

Was released in 1930/31 by the Joseph Harris seed co.  Was referred to as a “rock” melon because its exterior appearance.

Honey Rock melon produces incredibly sweet fruits that are up to six inches in diameter with a tough, coarsely netted skin.   The flavorful sweet salmon colored flesh of Honey Rock melon will certainly be a fantastic addition to any breakfast in bed (mmm I’m getting ideas!).  Honey Rock produces vigorous vines, with an average of five to seven fruits per plant.   Honey Rock melon is fusarium wilt resistant.

Tips for Growing Great Organic Melons

Plant organic heirloom melon seed only after soil temperatures have reached about 70 degrees or more.

We prefer to start in pots in the greenhouse and transplant later when night time temperatures stay above 55 degrees.

Heirloom melons need a rich, sandy soil high in organics.

Keep well watered until fruits are tennis ball sized and then water only if absolutely needed.  (We know organic farmers that never water them and grow amazinging melons, but a great deal depends on your soil.)

Remember, you must have a healthy population of pollinators like bees to get a good fruit set.

(source: Sustainable Seed Company)