Planting Instructions

So, you’ve got some seeds. Perhaps you’ve come to one of our CropLuck events and brought home a seed pack or two. Now what do you do? Plant them of course!

Seed Planting Instructions

Black Beauty Zucchini Squash Green Arrow Pea
Bloomsdale Spinach Honey Rock Organic Melon
California Wonder Pepper Italian Large Leaf Basil
Cayenne Red Pepper Reid’s Yellow Dent Corn
Cherry Belle Radish Roma Tomato
Danvers 126 Carrot Ruby Red Swiss Chard
Detroit Dark Red Beet Spaghetti Squash
Dwarf Blue Curled Kale Straight 8 Cucumber
Early Wonder Beet Sugar Baby Watermelon
Evergreen Bunching Onion Summer Bibb Lettuce
Golden Acre Cabbage Summer Crookneck Squash
Golden Bantam Corn Utah 62-70 Tall Celery
 Waltham 29 Broccoli

In the interest of full disclosure let me tell you that all of our seeds were purchased from Sustainable Seed Company. Why them? Well, they’re California local. We’re California local. Their seeds are certified organic and are always non-GMO and they offer 1,875 rare heirloom seed varieties.

We wanted to offer heirloom seeds for one reason: they’re not only our history but our security. You can save the seeds of the vegetables, herbs and grains being offered, and with the proper methods, reliably get the same plants for generations to come.



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