MARCH 2016

March 26th – LONG BEACH CropLuck

APRIL 2016

April 9th – ORANGE COUNTY CropDig 101

MAY 2016

May 15th – VILLA PARK Cultivate Together Event

JUNE 2016

June 18th – LONG BEACH Community Garden CropLuck

June 25th – Orange Home Grown Urban Chicken Coop Tour





One Comment Add yours

  1. Eve Medlock says:

    Just harvested at my plot at Ling Beach Community Garden Assoc. I have a lot to share! Spinach, tons of onions, lettuce, herbs, oregano & rhyme with roots, etc. how should I display these? I don’t have large bowls. Perhaps backing pans?

    I’m also bringing a big , “Crazy Chinese Salad” full of garden grown greens.

    Hope to hear back this morning.

    Eve Medlock
    310 403-4887


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