CropLuck is a grassroots community building project that aims to inspire the local food movement, create food awareness and serve as an exciting new way to bring together the producers and consumers of locally grown foods within their respective communities.

We believe that everyone in the community has a stake in supporting an initiative that connects them to the local food around them.


We believe that “growing community” is as important as growing vegetables. Community problems such as food insecurity can only be addressed by community solutions. By promoting awareness, we want people community-wide, including those who typically are under-served, to be inspired by the resources available to assist them in creating a garden unique to their space to encourage local food production and to share their passion of growing food with the community.

We are committed to connecting the urban farming community together by creating a network of local urban farms ranging from community supported agricultural farms, container and pot hobby farmers, apartment balcony gardeners, front yard food-scapers, back yard homesteaders and modern day victory gardens.

Our goal is to enroll you in becoming our allies in carrying out our mission to you.


How we plan on doing this is by encouraging our neighbors to share their passion and knowledge of gardening and the foods they grow within their community.

The concept is pretty simple.

A neighbor down the block has two very productive fruit trees. Another neighbor has a small back yard farm. I’v got a vertical garden with 5 types of lettuce and three of my neighbors are growing tomatoes while another has an abundance of herbs from their container garden. We know some of our neighbors are interested in growing something but don’t know where to start, or think it may be too difficult or expensive or that they simply don’t have the space.

Our intention with CropLuck is that it would be the modern day urban agrarian version of the mid-century “Pot-Luck” dinner. By hosting informal back-yard “Crop-Lucks” where we can come together to trade some of what we’ve grown with some of what our neighbors have grown will help to inspire those around us to plant their own “growing community”.

Connecting with your neighbors and building trusting relationships is the first step toward neighborhoods that are safer, healthier, and happier.