Cultivate Together Event


Anyone interested in learning about soil building, water conservation, and growing your own food? Want to learn how to grow your own food? Do it organically? Build community?

This Sunday, May 15th  All Turn Native and Sustainable Sam are partnering up on a new farm in Villa Park and they want you as part of their community.

Join the first Cultivate Together event!

They’ll be showing you how to dramatically improve your soil, do it using natural resources, and doing it in harmony with the rest of natures eaters. All of this will be taking place on their new 5000 sqft Farm in Villa Park being made to serve the community as a CSA and more.

What will you need?

– Water
– pitchfork or shovel
– comfortable work shoes
– probably shorts and t-shirt (may be a warm day)

This will be a hands on learning experience but don’t worry you can go at your own pace and there is plenty of shade and areas to relax and enjoy being outside. They will be providing snacks and will see about providing lunch depending on the interest.

Also, hope you don’t mind humming birds, bees,or butterflies as these are frequent visitors to this site!


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