Our first CropLuck will be a little informal event in Long Beach, CA. Please join us.

For more information and to R.S.V.P. call us at (657) 221-2311

DATE & TIME: Saturday, March 26th

NEIGHBORHOOD: Alamitos Beach area of Long Beach, CA

Our intention with CropLuck is that it would be the modern day urban agrarian version of the mid-century “Pot-Luck” dinner. That being said, we are hosting our first official, yet informal, CropLuck and you are invited!

We know some of our neighbors are interested in growing their own garden but don’t know where to start, or think it may be too difficult or expensive or that they simply don’t have the space. We want to encourage our neighbors to share their passion and knowledge of gardening and the foods they grow within their community in an effort to help to inspire those around us to plant their own “growing community”. Even if you haven’t a garden from which to bring a crop you’ve grown to the CropLuck please don’t let that stop you from attending! In fact, we want the CropLuck to be a welcoming space for people to learn and share over a feast of local ingredient-inspired dishes.



For the CropLuck, we ask that you bring food that is locally grown – whether from your back yard or a local farmer’s market. This means no processed foods, and using locally or sustainably produced ingredients whenever possible. The rule of thumb definition for locally grown that we’ve adopted here is that it must be grown within the county.

Sustainably produced meats, vegetarian and vegan dishes, gluten-free and low carb are all fine. Please label the dishes appropriately so people will know what’s what. Please try to avoid foods produced from GMO sources. Given the lack of a labeling requirement in this country and the prevalence of GMO-based agriculture, this means almost any product made from non-organic corn or soybeans, including most non-local, non-organic meats.

If you don’t have time to make a dish, here are some ideas:

Locally made bread, pastries, cheeses, etc…

Beverages are also welcome as your contribution, though again think local and sustainable – there are a good number of very local wines and beers here in Los Angeles.


To get the quantity right, each person should plan on bringing a dish that you would serve at a dinner for 10 persons (e.g., a vegetable for 10, or bread for 10, or an appetizer for 10, etc).


We ask that you please have your dish ready to serve as we have limited kitchen space. In the event that your dish will require additional prep on site please let us know so we can coordinate some stove or oven time for you.


Please contact us at  (657) 221-2311 or to R.S.V.P.


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