Lawn To Garden in A Single Weekend


Just because gardening is an exercise in patience doesn’t mean gardeners are patient. If you want to join the grow-it-yourself club, and you don’t want to wait, you can turn your unproductive, resource intensive lawn into a ready-to-thrive vegetable garden this weekend.

It’ll take some work, but probably less than you think. It’ll take money – but again, maybe less than you think. And in 48 hours, you can be sowing your first seeds in an attractive and easy-to-maintain insta-garden.

Read the full article at NorthWest Edible Life


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  1. Interesting article and very achievable but I am amazed at the prices of lumber and soil over there…. they must be a quarter of the costs of similar stuff over here


    1. CropLuck says:

      I wasn’t aware of such a sharp difference in costs of such basic materials between here and there! I suppose one could get resourceful using craigslist to find free soil & discarded wood pallets. The soil I imagine would require some considerable amendments before adding it to your garden – and, of course, re-purposing old pallets takes a bit more work but I’ve seen some amazingly clever things made from them for gardens both big and small!

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      1. We have a few free recycling sites that I have used over the last few years. However, the council run allotments are the best place to get stuff like pallets. Free wood chip for paths and great deals on compost and manure.


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