Saving the World – One Garden at A Time!

As the climate changes, so will our social and economic structures, building stronger communities now through community gardens will help us better adapt to the coming changes and help us create a better world. Now.

what its about

Resources for Community Building with a Community Garden

  1. Community Garden Checklist – from Let’s Move.
  2. American Community Garden Association – a resource to find community gardens near you.
  3. Coordinating Tools for Community Garden Leaders – what it takes to start a community garden from Gardening Matters.
  4. Transition Movement – a movement to build community resilience.
  5. Urban Community Gardening Resources – from the Municipal Research and Services Center.
  6. Maintaining Community Gardens – from the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension Service.
  7. Community Gardening Resources – from the Department of Agriculture.
  8. Community Gardening Toolkit – from the UNiversity of Missouri Cooperative Extension Service.
  9. Smart Gardener Planner – online tool for coordinating the garden planting.
  10. What is Permaculture? – from Organic Gardening.

(source: Yep, Your Little Community Garden Will Save the World)


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  1. missyjean says:

    So many great links here in this list. Thank you for sharing, and I will take a closer look at some of these. I live on an urban farm in my small city, and it is an ongoing education opportunity for the community. So important to get helpful resources out there!

    Good stuff!


    1. CropLuck says:

      we hope to share as much useful information as we can in our effort to promote urban farming and connect local agri-hoods. please feel free to share your own experiences in urban farming with us too!


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