10 Things No-One Tells You About Goats Until its too Late

Goats have been on my mind all week so when I saw this post I just had to share. Sure, it’s a bit of a “Beware of…” but *sigh* goats are still on my mind…

The Island Smallholder

goat kid in rabbit hutch

Like water, goats will always find their own level. Unlike water, they always flow UP. As high as possible and the more improbable the better. The garage roof is always a firm favourite, closely followed by the top of your next door neighbour’s shiny new BMW

Its not a myth – goats WILL eat anything: cardboard, paper, cotton t-shirts, £20 notes, bits of old carpet……but heaven forbid that the hay in the rack should be ANTHING but the sweetest, freshest, choicest hay man can make!

goat kid

A billy goat with a horn span of 2′ CAN squeeze through a 10″ gap

For all other goats – apply the same rules of physics as for cats. Measure the width of the skull, subtract 20% and that is the size of the gap they can fit through.

No matter how much time and effort you may invest in addressing the problems of fencing…

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